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Partner Benefit

We value relationships hence our associates will enjoy the below mentioned benefits.

  • 1. As Minervaa is successfully attached with over 40,000 students and their families in the North Bengal region, our associates will be exposed to a strong customer base and the number keeps on increasing with a projection of 1, 20,000 families by the end of 2016 from various vicinities.
  • 2. Association with Minervaa will reduce cost on marketing and promotion. Our associates will not require to spend on marketing & promotional activities or on commissioned agents and brokers as Minervaa will provide both customers and also carry out promotional activities (through hoardings and banners and flex) for its associates during events organized by Minervaa. Moreover, Minervaa will not charge anything for the reference given.
  • 3. Increase in customer base will gradually increase sales and eventually business and profit.
  • 4. Availability of products and services on discounts and reasonable rates will result in increased market goodwill and reputation and above all, this will help build relationship with a customer which is considered to be the most vital part of any business- small or big.
  • 5. Association with Minervaa will also expose your business to a wide range of customers from other parts of the country and this is an opportunity to gain a nationwide recognition.
  • 6. Lastly, an increased sense of satisfaction, increased social status along with increased responsibility and never ending relations will serve as other benefits to our associate-merchant.