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Minervaa's Activities

  • MISE 2016

    Minervaa International Scholarship Examination is a very unique international level assessment and scholarship service that serves a wide array of educational purposes. It also serves as a fundamental function to identify students’ skills in all the key learning areas.


    A weekly educational tabloid containing topics which are beneficial for school-going students which is circulated free of cost.


    Battle of the Brainiacs is an intricate inter-school quiz competition which is held annually. Schools from different vicinities participate in the event and the best are declared the Brainiacs.

Card Overview

After unparalleled achievements in the endeavours Minervaa undertook, we are glad to introduce ‘My Facility Card’ a one-stop solution to families associated with us. ‘My Facility Card’ is an initiative taken as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) by Minervaa. With ‘My Facility Card’ families can now cut down their costs that incur in both planned as well as unplanned expenses.

Expenses on Health care and education is sky rocketing day-by-day and since health issues are mostly unprecedented, costing on medicines, diagnostics and multiple tests blot the entire budget. Educational expenses on the other hand increases as the academic session progress. Apart from this, unexpected expenses on purchase or repair of electronic devices and home appliances increase cost. Vendors on the other hand increase the price or either create crisis of required products as they are well aware that we require those products and we somehow get convinced to buy those product on higher prices because spending extra is the only choice we are left with be it health, education, new parts of a device or repair. ‘My Facility card’ aims at cutting down the cost on these unexpected or highly charged necessary products and services and help families to save at least some part of that expense.

How does ‘My Facility Card’ work?

‘My Facility card’ would act as a bridge between customers and merchants, where merchants associated with Minervaa shall provide a nominal discount ranging from 5% to 30% or above on purchase of any product or service. This means that anyone with ‘My Facility card’ will be paying less than what others will pay. Our associate merchants shall charge less to customers going to their shop directly for a purchase or a service. The cardholders only need to show the card to avail discounts. Cardholders can find out the merchant list in the website itself and choose from a wide range of shops and stores according to their convenience and the discounts they are offering.

Why ‘My Facility Card’?

My Facility Card’ will not only cut down expenses during a purchase or payment but it will also prioritise customers as they will be directly linked with Minervaa. Moreover it will also assist families to increase their savings. With every monthly purchase you can increase your saving or affordability to purchase upto Rs. 5000 or above annually. The amount can be simply saved or used for the purchase of some other item without putting it off for some other time or following months.